Greenkeepers Course Update #4

I hope everyone has enjoyed midsommar and the simultaneous heatwave! Due to the hot weather our main focus has obviously been moisture management on all areas but particularly the greens. For the last week or so we have been running irrigation programmes most nights (and sometimes during the day!) in order to replenish the water lost from the heat. Unfortunately, because the weather is so hot (30+ degrees) and the greens are susceptible to drying out very quickly, a lot of water is required which in turn means softer conditions and slower green speeds. This is however absolutely necessary to keep the greens in good condition moving into the most important months of the year (July and August). Yesterday evening the heavens opened and we did receive a much needed 16mm of rainfall which helps ease the pressure. We also expect more rainfall in the next few days which means we will be applying the necessary soil fertiliser and wetting agent applications.

Elliot and team