Banan Uppdatering #3

Good afternoon,

The course has now been open for 2 weeks and we are beginning to see some growth and progress on all playing areas. This last week we have received some nice warm weather however the mornings have still been pretty cold which hinders plant development. This week the greens have received their second foliar fertiliser application of the year along with a soil/wetting agent application to help retain soil moisture during this period of dry weather. The irrigation system is now being used on a daily basis, it’s very important to keep the surface sufficiently watered at this time of year and especially for the new grass appearing in the dead/ice affected areas.

This week we have also cut rough for the first time. All the fairways have been spiked using a multi-slitter and most fairways have been cut however fairways 6,7,11 and 13 need more time as they received the most winter damage as usual. You will notice some painted lines across many fairways and some tees as part of our programme to adjust the the cutting lines etc.

The bunker on 16 has been flushed and is now draining water away effectively which is good. The very wet area short left of the 15th green was due to an excessive amount of water coming from an old tile drain within the ground. We carried out reinstatement works here to assist water removal.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, trevlig helg,