Course Update 2023 #1 – Vinterdukar

Good afternoon all, warmer weather is fast approaching and it’s time for us to begin work on the golf course again in preparation for the season. We have been mostly working with the machines for last 10 weeks which has taken a lot of our time.

The weather this past month has been pretty unstable with highs of 10 degrees and lows of -15 degrees. This is never ideal as it causes ice build-up plus the plant becomes weakened from the milder temperatures. Nonetheless, we have been keeping an eye underneath the covers and have aired under when possible and if necessary. Following the milder temperatures this past weekend, we can reveal that most of the ice has melted and the condition of the greens is looking very good. A small layer of ice still remains on some of the low spots both underneath and above the covers which should be gone within the next few days. It would therefore be optimal to remove the covers this week to allow the greens to dry and receive a layer of sand if possible.

The plan is to remove the covers on Thursday 23rd March at kl. 09. It would be great to receive as much help as possible. Fika and coffee provided afterwards.

Thank you in advance!