Greenkeepers Course Update #8 – Greens Renovations

Hej, hope everyone is enjoying the golf course as it is currently playing very well with tight fairways and good ball roll on greens. Last week we added new sand to 5 greenside bunkers on holes 2,8,11 and 13. We do have some sand remaining and plan to use it for the big greenside bunker on 17 (on the right side).

Anyway tomorrow (6th Sept), we will conduct autumn renovations on the greens from kl. 10.30, so the golf course will be closed to allow us to work. The work will include verti-cutting, heavy sand topdressing and aeration (in this order), followed by intensive brushing with the aim of moving as much sand as possible into the holes created from the aerator. The holes will be an approximate depth of 5cm (not too deep), but this is our target zone where organic matter and ’thatch’ (dead roots etc.) accumulates. The overall aim is to help dilute the upper thatch layer to promote a firmer, faster and disease resistance surface. It is necessary to carry out this work at least once a year (ideally more) supplemented with lighter more frequent sand topdressings. The greens will take 3-5 days of recovery to get them back to how they should be but this is a very small price to pay for better greens in the long term.

Regards Elliot