Greenkeepers Course Update #6

Hej alla!

The golf course is now beginning to hit the standards that we desire with big improvements in all areas; specifically the fairways and tees. For the last two weeks we have been slightly understaffed due to semester so the main focus has been general maintenance and keeping the course in a healthy state. This week we are all back to work and are busy preparing the course for golfvecka next week.

This week we have already verticut all tees to remove excess lateral growth and produce a tighter, cleaner cut. We have also lowered the height slightly too! This season so far the tees have struggled so it feels very good to see the big improvements here.

On greens we are cutting at a bench height of 3,0 mm. This is our peak summer height and we won’t be going any lower as this would cause to much stress to the greens. A combination of good water management and frequent rolling will soon see the faster green speeds we desire (well most desire.).

As I write this, we are currently experiencing extremely hot weather so we must ensure all areas are sufficiently watered to minimise heat damage to the plant. So if the greens are on the softer side, this is the main reason. It looks like the temperature will drop on Friday which is perfect timing just before golfvecka.

Anyway we are all looking forward to next week and we hope everyone enjoys their rounds of golf.

Hälsningar Elliot