Greenkeepers Course Update #5

At the end of last week all fairways, tees and foregreens were fertilised with soil granular fertiliser (1475 kg total). With all the rain and heat we have received this week, the granules are well washed into the soil and we have already started to notice the effects as the tees and fairways have greened up significantly. This year so far, it has been very difficult to produce a good surface on most areas except the greens, but we now hope that course will begin to show some good definition as we increase cutting frequency!

The bunkers have been washed out several times this week from the rain. Due to sand type, this creates a hard compacted surface and requires heavy raking to restore. At the moment it seems every time we rake bunkers, heavy rain showers follow which is not ideal!

The greens have received their usual biweekly application of fertiliser, primo and wetting agent. The cutting height is also now reduced to 3,0 mm in the lead up to golfvecka. We will also lower cutting heights on fairways, tees and foregreens sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Elliot and team