Greenkeepers Course Update #2

Hopefully everyone that played this weekend enjoyed their round. The greens are now being cut at 3,2 mm and are being rolled on a more regular basis so green speed should be improving. I have also kickstarted our greens ’primo’ programme which is essentially a growth regular applied to inhibit vertical growth and promote lateral tillering to create a denser, more consistent sward.

Tommorow (13/06), we will cut and then dress the greens and foregreen areas to improve surface smoothness for improved ball roll. We will also carry out the routine cutting of fairways, tees, ruffs etc. On Wednesday, I will apply a wetting agent to greens to assist moisture management (especially important during times of minimal rainfall and high temperatures). The plan is also to complete the remaining works on the old filled-in bunkers on the 8th and 9th this week by adding topsoil, shaping and then seeding.

The temperatures have greatly improved, combined with last weeks rainfall will help improve growth on the tees and fairways. If everything goes to plan this week, I will aslo be applying more foliar fertiliser to the fairways on Friday.

One final note, we have noticed that many bunkers are being left unraked or raked poorly. Our team don’t have the time to rake all the bunkers everyday so we rely on golfers to leave them in reasonable condition for everyone until we go out and rake again. We also ask if you can place the ’whole’ rake within the bunker, which includes the handle. It makes the course look much neater and tidier and helps us save time when we are cutting around the bunker edges with the machines.

Elliot and team