Greenkeepers Course Update

The course is beginning to dry out nicely following last weeks rainfall which unfortunately prevented us from cutting the fairways before the long holiday weekend.  Fairways and rough areas have since been cut and are improving week by week – the new seed is beginning to appear in many places.  This week we have also aerated the fairways using a slicing knife aerator to improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the soil.  We are doing everything possible with the equipment we have to improve the condition of the fairways.  We need to remember we had 16 dead fairways only 1 month ago so it will take time.

The greens continue to thrive, and the few bare areas are filling in fast.  We are currently cutting at 3,4 mm which is a lower height than what we were at this time last year!  The greens have been treated with an organic natural granular fertiliser this week and we are hoping to give the greens a light dress on Friday morning to improve firmness and smoothness (weather permitting of course!).

Elliot and team