Elliots course update

The course has now been open for abt. one and a half week.
I hope those who have managed to play have enjoyed their round. As you can all see, us greenkeepers face many challenges this spring following a tough winter.
To summarise the works carried out this past week, wetting agent (water retention) and granular fertiliser was applied to the greens before the much-needed rainfall we received. The greens are now being cut at 4,5 mm. We are obviously not cutting the seeded areas on greens just yet as this would damage the young seedlings.
Granular and foliar fertiliser has also been applied to the tee and foregreen areas to encourage growth. New foregreen extension areas have been marked out on holes 3,4,5,14,15,17,18 which will add character to the green areas.
The covers were removed from the practice greens and then immediately double cut at 8 mm, followed by fertiliser. These greens are open now.
The short hole course greens have all been seeded following winter damage and turf loss.
In general, the greens are bedding in nicely. I understand the greens are slow but green speed is not the priority now, growing grass is! This means keeping the greens wet and fertile plus avoiding disturbance from cutting machinery.
Big fairway areas was killed this winter, but the slowley come back to life. New ‘poa annua’ grass is beginning to emerge on many areas. The plan is spray them with high N fertiliser to assist establishment. We are also renting a fairway overseeder to seed the worst affected areas.
See you out there!

Elliot Wilson
Head Greenkeeper